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I've been wanting an SSD ever since they came out, and with the massive load times on Civ 5, and just wanting to have a super fast storage device I've decided to get one. I was looking at getting either a Mushkin or an OCZ that was at least 60GB(but more if its within my budget) and to be no more than $200.
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  1. I just ordered this. I had about the same budget as you but the $30 extra just seemmed worth it due to the normal price and reviews.

  2. Well if you wish to stay under $200 and want space might I suggest.

    Vertex 2 90GB

    Intel X25-m 80GB

    If you want the fastest I think the C300 is the fastest of the bunch. SATA2 backwards compatible and its the only SATA3 SSD atm. It is also faster at loading by 3-4 seconds in games based off reviews I have seen.

    C300 64GB
  3. May I suggest:


    I own the 120GB version. The G2 models with the sandforce 1200 controller are getting great reviews. Comes with latest firmware.

    Keep your eyes peeled for the 120gb model from the egg..... it sometimes drops to $197-$219!
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