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I have built my first custom gaming PC and everything has gone perfectly, apart from, surprisingly, the case. I never really considered how important a case was and did the least amount of research into it. It turns out even though it fits my Rampage Extreme II motherboard, it does so only just and blocks all the SATA ports once in place. This is very annoying as I now have to un screw everything to plug or unplug SATA ports. Can anyone suggest a very roomy case to fit my rig in. A very important factor would also be water cooling, it must be able to fit in all the necessary water cooling tubes as well as I will soon be installing it to get going with overclocking. But I won't start overclocking until I have had a little experience on a old PC.

Please list as many cases you can think of or you have seen with similar set ups and I will check them all out. I will also post back with the one I finally choose. Hope someone can help.

Oh also just a side question. What is the proper term for the computer "case"? Is it chassis? Or can both be used. I know screen isn't the proper term for the monitor but still pretty nooby with the terminology.
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  1. You didn't tell us how much you want to spend.
  2. "Case" is good.

    Are you sure the case is the problem? Or are things like the video cards blocking access to the SATA ports. Another thing to consider is how often you will need access to the SATA ports once the system is built.

    And have you considered a good air cooler. I am running a Q6600 and a Q9550, both OC'd to 3.6 GHz., quite satisfactorily on air.

    Post system specs, budget, and the fact that you want to WC and ask for case recommendations.
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