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What is the best core i5 motherboard for the money?

I am interested in buying a new core i5 processor and I need to know what is the best LGA1156 motherboard to buy for this processor. I want a board that can easily be overclocked and Crossfire enabled. I am trying to decide between ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. what is your my opinion gor for EVGA motherboards.... P55 SLI
  2. yeah that or the asus p55
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    I think alot of people are wondering something similiar. I decided of the Asus P7P55D. I have been kind of partial to Asus for years and when I have had any problems, they have backed their 3 year warranty with no problems. After looking at all the different models of the P7P55D, I decided on the basic model, not the LE, Pro, Premium or Deluxe. I'm sure their might be users that might use some of the other features, but being realistic, I knew I probably wouldn't and that made the price of $149 at Newegg with some Corsair Memory on a combo deal that saved me $10 and free shipping easy for me to make. I bought my i7-860 at my local Micro Center for $229 plus tax and also bought a Coolermaster Hyper 212+ Universal CPU Cooler for $24.99 plus tax. I have read numerous reports that the stock HSF isn't very good expecially if you plan to overclock. I should have my motherboard, ram and cooler in the next few days and am looking forward to putting my new system together and installing Windows 7 RC and seeing how it runs after reading CPU Reviews the past few weeks. :)
  4. I agree that the Asus P755D seems like a great motherboard but what are the advantages of getting the PRO or evo versions? I am definitely considering the Asus, but I am just curious as to which Asus P755D would be the best? I would like to spend around $150 for a motherboard but I am willing to go higher if the motherboard is worth the money. Thanks again for your help guys.
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