Quit or reset password of windows

hi forget the password boot the laptop, told me to take the battery is removed, but I opened the back and we could stack, could you please help me? When I shut on the laptop need write the passw, and if I put ESC the same to go to windows

Tha laptop has windows xp

Sorry I can write a little english

I hope you can help me please!

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  2. Forgot windows login password ?
    Don't worry, I know a tool which can help reset lost or forgotten windows password on any Windows system in just seconds!, need not to reinstall the windows OS, its safely and easily.
    Google "SmartKey windows password recovery" for resetting password 0f Windows
  3. well, if you forgot bios password, you could take the battery off to remove the password.

    If you forgot Windows password for XP, it is a good suggestion to take Windows Password Breaker for that. Windows Password Breaker is one of the best password recovery tool for all popular Windows OS.
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