I'm stuck in standby mode

I have a problem with my display.

My monitor is a Samsung 226bw

Since this is most likely a display problem, Ill mention my video card which is a ATi 4890 1gb. My onboard is a ATi HD3200

After hooking up my computer and monitor, I turn on my computer and the display gets stuck at the Analog/Digital screen. After a few seconds going from analog to digital and so on, the screen will go blank, but the monitor's power button would continue to blink. It's like it's stuck on stand by or something

Ater a few tries using my 4890(with different cables; vga, analog, hdmi), I removed the card and tried booting up using my onboard display. Still the same problem.

Any ideas? could it be that my monitor's inputs are bad, because this has actually happened before with my past computer and even my ps3.

Update: I tried booting up my computer using my friends brand new samsung 24inch and i still get the same problem.

could the problem be my pc?
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  1. The problem sounds more like your PC. Do you have a pc speaker hooked up to confirm that the computer is completing its POST? If its not, the beep may help you troubleshoot the problem. Please post computer specs and more information on the problem. Are the fans spinning in the case? Hard drives powering up? The power button blinking isnt very useful for troubleshooting.
  2. try a DVI to DVI cable(if you havent).That worked for me when i had the same problem as you with my HP LP2465
  3. History on the computer. The last time it was working properly was two days ago before my flight. After the flight, it wouldn't complete POST anymore. Could it have been damaged somehow?

    So I tried working with it again and here's a little summary of what I've observed.

    When I turn on my pc:

    -All fans are working(4 case fans, 1 CPU cooler, but something is up with my ATi 4890's fan). Basically, it seems as though it's having a hard time turning on. Fans would spin like they are turning on and then the fan would die down again as if it was turning off, but it it doesn't. It's like a continuous pattern. It goes "on and off" continuously and on the card itself, 3 lights blink along with the "on and off" episodes. Don't know why it's doing this now because a week ago it was working good. That's the best I can do for describing the problem

    -on the monitor, the display switches from digital to analog when I have a dvi cable hooked up. It does this for about 5 seconds and than the screen goes black, but the monitor's led power button continues to blink.

    What i've tried:

    -tried replacing the cables. Tried dvi, hdmi.
    -checked my connections, everything seems all well
    -removed the mobo and check for grounding issues; no findings
    -finally, I tried resetting cmos, but I still can't get into initial bios

    do you guys have any idea which component could be the bad egg?(I'm thinking something's wrong with the mobo)
  4. Hey man, I'm having the same issues with this new 23" Samsung Widescreen LCD and my Dell 220s with Nvidia 9800GT card ~700w psu with supplementary 5.25 booster x5... Any ideas guys? Appreciate the help, I'm getting extremely fed up here.
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