Windows 7 and hard drive shutdown problem

OK guys my problem is that when I shut down my computer (properly using the shutdown option in windows 7), my disk when it spins down makes on odd scratching noise only for a second though. I have made sure that nothing is interfiering with it inside-i have 1 cable underneath it which doesn't even touch it and also a few cables on top which do touch it but that doesn't have any moving parts so should be ok.

So essentially how can i solve the problem of my disk making this noise on shutdown- is it like an emergency park or something?
I am scanning my disk now with western digitals own utility my drive is a Western Digital WD5000AAKS 500GB SATAII 7200RPM 16MB Cache - OEM Caviar Blue. The quick test was fine I am just running the extended test at the moment.

Fast reply would be appreciated because I want to turn my computer off without my hdd making that noise again- unless it's normal of course...

EDIT: Does this drive just have a loud spindown?

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  1. So it passed both the extended and quick test. But it still makes that spin down noise on shutdown- can somone let me know at least if that is normal or not...
  2. Most all modern drives park their heads on a loss of power, including shutdown. As long as no SMART errors are showing up you should be fine.
  3. Few that's a relief- When scanning it found no errors in either scan. Thanks mate ;)
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