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I built my pc about 6 months ago and was using a 19" monitor until recently. I have a p5q-e MB, e8400 and 4 gigs of RAM with a 4870 512mb card. This was great with a 19" monitor, been able to run everything at max settings till I got a 24 inch dell monitor that runs in 1080. Now I have ltos of slowdown on max settings on games I play (a little in WOW, crysis, sins, fallout3.) what is my best and easiest option for an upgrade with the future in mind. Id love to be able to play starcraft2 and diablo3 on this thing when they come out and ahve it look nice. Will i be able to play everythign maxed out if I get another 4870 512? or should I sell the 512 for a hundred bucks and buy a 4870x2. Or is some other route better? thanks in advance.
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  1. Go ahead and crossfire the 4870's.

    First, whats your PSU?
  2. 750w coolermaster
  3. 750w?

    wasnt able to find one on newegg.

    But, its the Real Power im sure on coolermaster's site, cant cross fire with the psu due to having 2 pci-e 6 pins and 2 pci-e 8 pins.

    What the specs should be is 2x6pins and 2x6pins +2 but it has 8 pins. A 4870 requires 2x6pins for 1 gpu.

    As you see, if 2pins were split off the 8pin connector then it would be possible.
  4. yea i found it on newegg through my order, its been deactivated so they must have or are going to make a new model. But you are right its that model. I think my first 4870 came with a 8 to 6 pin converster so I may be able to pull it off.
  5. If you have a convertor from 8 to 6, and can do that to both 8 pins then, you can cf just fine.
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