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Hello :)

Im buliding my first pc and everywere i look it says a front panel usb should be 5 pins, but in this case it only 4 pins, any ideas?Also mabye someone knows were i get a pic of connecing the usb pins in the mobo.

the mother bored im using is a gigabyte MA785GM-US2H.
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  1. You need 4 pins. If the case doesn't have a USB connector, then each wire should be identified. All you need to do is connect each one to the corresponding pin.
  2. Please post case manufacturer and part number...
    USB headers are normally either 5 pin (with one empty), or 2x5's with one hole blocked, to 'key' the connector so it can't be plugged in wrong.

    The pins closest to the CPU are power - +5V
    The next pin down is signal -
    The next pin down is signal +
    The next pin down is ground

    on the right side of each header pair, the bottom pin has no connection...

    Page 30 of your manual:
  3. If your case has individual wires (very few cases do), then you should connect them as follows:

    Pin 1 +5V
    Pin 3 Data -
    Pin 5 Data +
    Pin 7 Ground
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