Best Budget Silent CPU Cooler?

I am looking for a nice silent CPU cooler on a budget value. I have been recommended the Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus. Are there better choices?
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  1. depends on your case, cpu, OC levels and to an extent mobo and memory for clearance issues...

    hyper 212+ is a value for money option but there are better coolers out there...
  2. I'm not interested for overclocking. I'm going to be using an Athlon 64 II x4 640 at stock values. I just need to replace the stock cooler with a better performance and silence cooler.
  3. case??? mobo??? memory???
  4. Haf 912 plus Case, matx mobo with 2x ddr-3 sticks.
  5. Nice...

    No doubt Hyper 212+... since its budget you are looking for... i dont know about silent but i never heard anyone complaining of noise from its users... if its loud then for its price you can swap better fans of your choice and still be inside budget...
  6. Sure. Ok then i'll just grab one and take it from there. Thank you for your input.
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