Windows install disk cant see SATA drive

ASUS MB with Phoenix Bios recognizes SATA HDD but when loading fresh install of windows (tried Vista and 7) just searches and searches. Also tried to boot to MB driver disk and no luck....
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  1. Chance are the hard drive is DOA . Theyre fairly fragile and shipping kills more than a few .

    But try formatting that drive in another computer .

    Or try another hard drive in that computer
  2. Look in your bios in the boot menu under hard disk drives and see if that drive is listed first.
  3. As mentioned "Asus MB with Phoenix Bios RECOGNIZES HD..... It does list the Seagate 1.5 SATA drive by Model # in SATA port #3.

  4. The hard drive can be DOA and be seen by BIOS .

    If its a 7200.11 it my be fixable with an upgrade of the firmware . 7200.11's die quickly or are doa .
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