Overclock issu with corsair dominator


my friend has a problem with hes ram and every time he over clock it @ 1950 go to blue screen and restart the pc

hes system is :

i7 930 overclocked @4ghz at 1.35 voltage (he did run prime95 for 12 hours straight no problem )

v6 cooler master > cpu cooler (overload 100 % of cpu the temp was 74) so is it good ?

mobo ASUS Rampage III Formula

Corsair DDR3 PC2000 6 g 3x3 time 8-9-8-24 voltage 1.65

nividia gforce 9800

pu antec 850 watt

so dose the voltage of the ram need to be adjusted to run @1950? and what voltage should he try ?

another thing is when he set it to auto the ram work fine but when he transfare between two hard drive it says 120 mb\second but when he over clock it, it go back to 82 mb\second
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  1. DDR3 for permance 1.65 VOlt it's OK
    just Check your HDD DMA, Direct Memory Acces (RPM HDD)., traffer rate : USB faster, Firewire more faster, IDE, SATA more faster, SATAIII Faster , SSD fastest, SSD + RAM stick fastest to HDD
  2. thanks for replay he has 2 hdd 1tb 64 buffer
    any way if 1.65 volt is okay why the pc keep show BOSD's when start up
    as i said it happens when he overclock to 1950
  3. yes massage BSOD in always show in startup because your system properties /start up recovery /error reporting set enable in startup , u can check it

    and clean this massage with Fix with Registry cleaner (cc cleaner, ASO,. etc. many soft registry cleaner for free)

  4. Your friend may need to increase his IMC voltage to compensate for the OCing the memory controller. Try the 1.35v to 1.45v range.
  5. drop ratio RAM, he do too high.. & increase Vcore
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