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I want open file bin extension, what program can open ?
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  1. The extension can be changed, the file you have could be anything. Are you sure it is a media file? Scan it with security software. Try CCCP Media Player Classic and if it plays, check its property and change the extension type. Also it can a a disk image, mount it with virtual drive and read it.
  2. Are you trying to open a file from an installed game folder and look for videos, sounds and images?
    Does the folder where the bin file is, got another file with *.cue extension?
    Cause it's more likely you could open the bin if you could find it's *.cue file and mount that.
    For mounting files I recommend Winmount or Daemon Tools.

    But if you want to extract videos, sounds or images from game files I would go with DragonUnpacker program.
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