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I am not sure if this has already been discussed; I could not for the life of me find a search option for the forums here. But can we somehow put to use the unused stock CPU and/or GPU cooler + heat sink to some creative use? Has anyone done something like that? Any creative (a.k.a. fun) ideas?

And no I am not asking if I can use those in conjunction with the after market cooling devices, or am I? :o but yeah, I wouldn't act that stupid.

I was thinking if we can mod them in some way. Just thought about it so posting here.

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  1. Yeah. You can always mod them. Few cable ties and anything you want to put them upon. atm only thing coming into my mind is Hard disk. You can attach your HSF on top of hdd. apply some paste on top and put your HSF on it. i hope that will keep the hdd cool :D. Cant think of anything else.
  2. u want modding like this..?
  3. If it is a 3 yr warranty boxed Intel, do not get rid of it or alter it at all, it is serial # matched to your CPU, and your warranty RMA requires sending the CPU back with the Heat Sink.

    AMD doesn't do that but Intel does, if your CPU is past the 3 yr warranty, then do whatever floats your boat.
  4. Good point, indeed.
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