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Hello, I am pretty much brand new to computer building but my old comp is outdated and I thought I would give it a go here is what I purchased

Asus P6T Deluxe V2 Mobo
Core i7 920
6gb Corsair Dominator DDR3
Thermalright Ultra 120E-1366 Heatsink (with extra fan attached)
PC Power & Cooling 910 Silencer PSU
Seagate 1.5TB 7200.11 Barracuda HDD
EVGA GeForce GTX 285 GPU
Coolermaster ATCS 840 case
LG Super Multi Blue BD-ROM Opti drive CH08
Vista 64bit edi. OS

I hooked everything up and it booted first try, I used the EZ flash 2 utility to update my bios from a flash drive, set the boot order to Optical drive then HDD Installed windows so far so good no problems.

I then began to install my drivers from the disks that came with my hardware I did the Geforce disk, then the BD ROM disk ( I did not use the Asus disk because I had read about people having troubles with it, I had downloaded the bios update from the asustek site and flashed it like I said before) everything was working and the computer had recognized all my components so I tried playing a DVD, worked great ( I ran it with Media Player) . Then I went to the store and rented a blue ray disk to try that out and ran it with the powerdvd program that came on the LG Optical drive disk, and once I clicked to run it with that program my computer freaked out, and the monitor got all glitchy ( thats the only way I know how to describe it, I could still see the screen and use my mouse and keyboard, but it was all fuzzy/glitchy.) I tried restarting it and it was the same way even at the POST screen and all through, I tried updating my GPU drivers and that didnt seem to do anything ( I am pretty sure it was the right one from the Nvidia site but I did it on the comp with the glitchy screen) I have not messed with it since that because I do not want to mess it up any worse. Anybody have any ideas how to help?

Thank you
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  1. I would first check that the GPU fan is working. It sounds as if your video card failed or is overheating.
  2. Yes I did check that and the fan was running smoothly the whole time (before and after the problem, the fan never seemed to change), I am in the process of taking the card out and reseating it right now to see if that helps.
  3. If you have both power cables attached and re-seating the card didn't help, I think it is just a bad card.
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