When I format my USB on WINDOWS 7 it takes too long. 10 minutes for 4 GB usb.
What's the solution?
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  1. The rate you quoted works out to between 6 and 7MB/sec, which is a pretty decent speed for USB flash memory. A lot of flash memory is even slower than that. If that's not fast enough for you then then you'll have to look for a faster drive. For example:

    Alternatively, you could use a portable hard drive instead of flash.
  2. I have formatted a few USB's like (KINGSTON and APACER) and the speed was the same
  3. You could always do a quick format, but like sminlal said thats normal for a flash drives. Plenty of the drives I have ehre are only 2MB/s write.

    I have a Microcenter flash drive that writes at a nice 15MB/s though
  4. I haven't had this problem when I was using Windows XP
  5. Were you using the same flash drive with Windows XP, and did you do a FULL format there?
  6. Yeah and a few others
  7. What kind of flash drive is it? If it's an plain-jane drive I really don't see how it could format significantly faster on XP unless it was a quick format.
  8. I don't know too, I've read somewhere that the Windows 7 formats the flash drives slower than the XP
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