Anyone Remember This Case?

I have an old computer case I was hoping to use for my build. Its from Diablotek, which for all I know came from a company that has become bankrupt because I can't find any reviews on them. Anyone know if they are any good or if I should invest in a new case?
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  1. It would probably help if you could let us know which model it is in particular. If that info is not available, let us know what features it has and what you plan to use it for. Pictures help.
  2. From what i have seen they look pretty good.
    May i suggest picking the parts for your build first? After you've picked your parts see if you have money to spare for a new chassis, then make your decision.
  3. look at it: is it solid, will it hold all your components, will it have decent airflow, do you like the way it looks. If so you have a decent case.
  4. just found out the case took a tumble down the stairs. went ahead and bought a scout storm instead . thanks for the tips though :D
  5. no prob, glad to help
    Nice pick btw.
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