DX11 cards coming in August?

Now, everyone that doesnt care for DX10 or DX11, I'll add this too:
"One such element that gets updated in DirectX 11 is that of Display Lists, a new driver model to more effectively multithread graphics workloads over multi-core CPUs, natively within the API. This is something that we know developers have been looking requested. The advantage here is that although this is a DirectX 11 API feature, the functionality will move down to DirectX 10 hardware, so all DirectX 10 hardware users that update to the DirectX 11 runtime will get the benefits of this feature."
It appears theres something to look forwards to in DX11
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  1. So does this mean that DX 10 users will benefit as well, just as much as 11 or will there be a catch?:P
  2. Just what it says. Therell be benefits. Catches will be on how good in each instance it can be implemented. Per game. IMHLO, this is a much needed thing, as we see cpus hitting the speed wall
  3. nice find btw.
  4. I keep hearing nVidia is trying to get their cards out ASAP, but also hearing that theyre behind. If they have any troubles with first runs, it could be disastrous for them. This is going not only by early silicon, but by supposed TSMC orders also. Theyre at least a month behind, whereas we saw them a month ahead with the G200 launch
  5. I really don't care much about DirectX 11(only perhaps if the equivalent instructions were put in OpenGL) but I would like to know how RV870 does. They said it'd be 30% improvement over RV770 consuming same / less power and be a 'completely new architecture' or something like that... Nice find anyways...
  6. Dont really care about direct x releases and card specs, aslong as the card i buy is up to scratch and performs good for my $$$

    buying x card because its capable of direct x capable whatever isnt a way to buy a card
  7. What I really want is for my DX10.1 card to be able to play DX11 only games for at least a year after the first DX11 game is released. And it looks like I'm gonna get my wish.
    Perhaps Crysis 3 will be the first DX11 game? (Or is it Crysis 2?)
  8. dx11 cards might be coming in august, but dx11 games are coming july, july 2010.

    on a more serious note, the baumann interview from g3d was a good read. we just need to wait how the developers react to the hardware-side of development, considering EA and activision arent planning to support dx10.1. i mean isnt it time for a dx10 cod game?
  9. cod looks good enough with DX9. And it sells great. Why would they want to venture into new waters? It also requires not so powerful hardware. Wouldn't want to change that.
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