Tradeoffs between integrated PCI cards & USB adapters

This is a dead issue in the wireless networking FAQ (dead link) so forgive me for asking this question again. What are the tradeoffs between using a USB adapter as opposed to a PCI card? I'm likely changing providers (AT&T DSL to Comcast) and the modem/router combo will be a room away from my desktop (media center) PC. So any reason I wouldn't choose a USB adapter like the D-Link DWA-130?
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    The strikes against USB are: reception, overheating leading to poor performance and premature failure.

    My guess is PCI works better because it can draw more power and may remain cool as a naked card in a moving airstream within the computer case.
  2. Luckily I've found a refurb-ed D-Link PCI card that was only a few dollars more than the USB adapter so I just ordered that up. Thanks.
  3. I suppose I should have listed the cons of PCI.

    1) It's PCI -- so can be fussy about which slot you pick.
    2) PCI also subject to resource issues -- so best to disable any ports you won't need in the BIOS before attempting install (Game/Midi, COM and Parallel Printer are likely candidates).
    3) Follow makers install instructions exactly. Usually load driver before physcically installing.

    Worth it usually, though.
  4. Thanks for the information.
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