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Hello everyone,

I recently just upgraded my cpu from a duo core to a quadcore (AMD Phenom Quadcore 9950).

I own 4GB of Ram, 500GB of storage and 1GB GDDR5 HD ATI 4870 Graphic Card. Yet, while playing this game Microsoft Flight Simulator X my pc barely runs it on medium resolution without any lags.

I was told that a Quad Core would do just fine, mine specifically but yet I am puzzled. I mean, I've seen the difference between the Duo and the Quad ones. An other thing, My CPU runs on 65c degrees under heavy load which is an other uh oh moment.

I am buying a new case with more fans to cool off the system and components because mine... well.. just has only 1 fan spinning the air out.

So basically. Is the processor fine or is it a heat problem that makes it hard on my CPU?

Comments would be great!
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  1. It's also possible your video card is running hot, causing the lower graphics performance. While CPUs run perform less under higher temperatures, 65C is quite normal for under load. Start worrying when it goes above 70C.

    You should also check the system requirements of FS X. Some games actually insist that you use a certain kind of processor, other than specifying the minimum CPU power required.
  2. Is your quad core processor slower than the dual core one? Some games may not be able to take advantage of multiple cores and it may be that a fast single core may be better than four slower cores. I'm not sure about this though. Is this what the last bit of your comment was about Lavarin?
  3. FSX will generally do better with more cores than faster fewer cores. That aside the 9950 isn't exactly a speed demon but should improve your flying over the dual, at least allowing for higher settings. Best thing to do is go over to and read some of the threads over there to optimize the sim if you haven't already done that and ask questions if anything pops up. Overclock your cpu if you can or if your mobo allows upgrade to the PII 940 as it will improve frames. Best of luck and happy flying. :bounce:
  4. Did you install the Patch for FSX?

    The patch enables multi core support.

    I am not big fan of FSX. I do have it but use FS9.1 more often. (better frame rates)
    I've sunk quite a bit of cash into FS9 and am not going to bother doing it again with FSX.

    Your Phenom system should run anything full tilt smoothly with no problems.
  5. Thank you all for the replies.

    All I am going to do is upgrade my case. It has just one 80 mm fan spinning out the system air. I saw a case for 110$ that had multiple fans and comes with a 550 watts PSU.

    I know someone mentioned my quadcore speed and it currently is set on default 2.59ghz.

    Also, I will try the patch and see if it improves the gaming experience.

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