Phenom ii b55 Overclock

Amd Phenom ii x2 555

ASRock 870 Extreme3

8GB (2x4GB) G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1333

Antec EarthWatts EA650 650W

Ok so I managed to unlock my Phenom II x2 555 to a B55 quad core without a hitch, and decided to try a bit of overclocking. I didn't really want to bother with the FSB, as I have never done this before, and for now adjusting the CPU multiplier seems the easiest way to go. I managed to get the CPU up tp 3.8GHz, with a x19 multiplier, and without changing the voltage. I ran 3DMark 06 without a problem, and then prime 95 for about an hour or so before going to sleep. Prime 95 did, however, eventually crash. So I guess what I need to know is, where should I go from here? Should I increase the vCore voltage, and if so by how much? Also, should I mess around with the FSB? I've heard it's more effective, as it affects your entire system, but again, as I am new to this, I have between thus far afraid of trying it as it also seems to require the adjustment of many other settings.
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  1. - increase your Vcore ?
    - Disabled Cool n Quite
    - Increase VDIM, DDR3 max 1.65 V
    increase voltage (Vcore/VDIM, etc ) must step by step , in option use minimal if still crash under Test .. increase again
    alway keep temperature under 60C if fullload Stress Test
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