New rebuild endless reboot cycle, HELP!!!!!!!!

I've only just today swapped out my old Q6600 and replaced it with an i7 920 on a gigabyte EX58 UD4P motherboard, with a 6GB Kingston Hyper X DDR3 1600 Ram kit. All the connections seem to be in the right place, but when I boot up I get to the windows loading screen where it'll flash to a blue screen for a second then reboot, and continues to do so... during which point when it says windows didn't start properly, is there a hardware change recently etc and asks me to chose an option, my keyboard doesn't respond, where as everywhere else it would. Is there a reason for this endless reboot cycle? Is it ram related or is it merely the fact that I must reinstall windows hence it asking about the hardware change? I took it all out and reinstalled the Q6600 and it all worked fine... HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!
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  1. I doubt if you need to reinstall Windows. Most likely the new processor is putting too much load on your power supply. What PSU are you using now?
  2. Nah man, fresh install of windows fixed it all, the new build is running like a beast now, oh and yeah it defs wasn't the power supply, I'm running an Antec TPQ 850W, thanks anyway!
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