EPU 6 Engine Problem

Hi guys, i've a P5Q Deluxe

After installing the motherboard drivers & my graphic card driver(PowerColor ATi 4870) i ran EPU Engine and i noticed that it doesn't detect the graphic card and because my graphic card consumes so much power while it's at idle status, it annoys me because i thought that the EPU surely will reduce power consumption...

Also i installed ASUS Smart Doctor and it couldn't detect the graphic card!! :ouch:

Please help me!
Why is that and what can i do?
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  1. Smart Doctor is for supported asus graphic cards
  2. So, why EPU 6 doesn't detect the graphic card?
  3. Zap_Warrior said:
    So, why EPU 6 doesn't detect the graphic card?

    Probably because your card is not an Asus card. Im afraid the only thing to do is to sell the powercolor and buy an asus?
  4. OMG:(
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