[Help] Is it the PSU?

A computer I built about 3 years ago was improperly turned off by flipping the switch on the surge protector. When it came back on it was a blue screen that asked a yes/no question. Unfortunately the person who experienced this can't recall more than that. After pushing enter or whatever they did, the computer shut off and has since been unable to be turned on. I get no signs of life whatsoever.

I had a spare power supply that I hooked up but it very well could have also been faulty, so when it did not work I'm afraid I still can't rule psu out as the problem. I'm not sure what else it could be, it seems like it must be the psu since I can't see anything else that would just stop working and cause a completely dead computer...

Any help or advice as to what the problem might be would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Well I can now confirm it is not the PSU, I've swapped in one that works for sure and still won't boot. What could have happened to make a computer that was running fine for a few years suddenly not work? I've been running through that checklist that's been stickied but to no avail. Not sure what to think on this one...
  2. I assume when you say 'doesn't boot' you mean you don't hear any beeps?
    also the people who know *much* more then I usually ask what you have for components.
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