Power Supplies for the GTX280 in SLI, help please!

OK, here's the story, I recently found a used XFX GTX280 XXX edition on EBay for half the price of the one I had in my current PC. Needless to say I jumped on it, and while waiting for it to come to my door I did some pondering and worrying, and I am beginning to think that my Ultra x3 1000 watt power supply MAY not be enough to power up two of these bad boys. I think it says the +12v line (of the Ultra X3) is a max of 70A, while a single GTX280 requirement is 40A, does this mean SLI will require 80A? I do have all the right plugs and connectors supplied with the PSU, and it seems like a 1000 watts would be enough... but I've been reading forums about other people and 1000watt PSU that failed to power up these cards in SLI.

Is this going to work out for me or not?

Is anyone out there running this power supply with GTX280 SLI?

If I am doomed to fail, which power supplies would you recommend? (Keep in mind I dished out 300$ on this PSU 5 months ago, so I'm hoping to keep the price low and the quality as high as possible.)
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  1. I think 70A should be fine. http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/archive/index.php/t-118543.html Read this. Nvidia certifies this as a PSU capable of doing GTX 280 SLI: http://www.antec.com/Believe_it/product.php?id=Njk2 And its a little less than 70A, so its fine.
  2. Sounds like the real deal. I hope they are right since I wanted to do an upgrade of my Mobo and CPU, I didn't think I could afford another PSU as well. Plus I love this modular X3 PSU, its all shiny black and impressive.
  3. BTW, if anyone else has some wisdom on this subject, or personal experiences, please share.
  4. Well I have 2 overclocked gtx260s, 2 hard drives, a blue ray burner, about 8 fans , and an e8400 at 4ghz running on a pc power and cooling 750w with no issues at all. This chart shows your 280s will draw about 100w or 9A more :
    So I think you should have no proplem with your psu.
  5. Thanks Rags_20 and wip99gt, I am finding my worries more and more at ease with each answer.

    Anyone else has any wisdom to share? I'd like to inform myself as much as possible especially since my mobo and CPU might be upgraded this summer.
  6. It'll be enough. Just get the 280 and start benchmarking!
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