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im on an eMachine W3623 and im trying to set the voltage higher so i can reach a higher FSB. Problem is my Bios doesnt give me an opion to set voltage. Does anyone know another way to go about this. thanks in advance.
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  1. your mobo does not support Overclock, just keep your Pc under default good for health.
    i u want go faster u can upgrade RAM , it all deppend by you..
  2. ok thanks. as for ram i know my pc supports PCI Express x16 the stick in there know is a 512mb 5300. do u know what the 5300 is about because im wanna upgrade to a pair of 1gb but their number is 6400, do you know if this will work.

    thanks in advance.
  3. umm what??

    PCI X16 is usually the graphics card adapter on your motherboard.

    eMachines are really touchy with memory so i say find 1GB of memory 5300.
  4. yeah see i dont know much about this stuff. I was gonna get get the wrong part. thanks for the help. i was wondering when a graphics card comes with a vga and vdi port does it mean it supports dual monitors or does it have to specify.
  5. generally most cards will support dual monitors. hwne they have a DVI and a VGA port that's mostly has to do with compatibility. that card was probably produced during the transition from VGA to DVI so it has support for both. tho im not 100% sure that it can support dual monitors. Whats the make and model of that card?
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