LiteOn 1213s won't burn 16x media?

I've been converting 8mm movies to DVD and all was fine until I used up my last -R 4X disk. Bought Kodak -R 16X and then Sony -R 16X and neither brand will write. The disk ejects after a "writing lead out" message. I've flashed the most current firmware on the drive... got to be something about the shift from 4x to 16x as this happens on all DVD burner software. Running XP. Any ideas?
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  1. Your burner is limited to 12x -R.
    So the way I see it, you have 2 choices.
    1. Buy DVD's that your burner will work with.
    2. Buy a burner that will work with the DVD's you bought.
  2. Did you try to write on the 16X disc at 4x?
    If you didn't try it, it ought to work, don't let the software auto select write speed.....
    Also check the Liteon site for media compatibility.... maybe the disc you've bought aren't compatible with the media they suggest.... :)
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