i am trying to upgrade my ram. i have an ecs motherboard # 945GCT-M3 (V3.0) and am attempting to replace with 2 corsair ddr2 667MHz. when i start my system it works properly for a short time and then i get a blue screen that says that windows has to restart due to "memory management." am i doing something wrong or is there a system setting that i need to change help plz.!!
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  1. mgaff, I haven't looked up the specifics of your motherboard - but one thing to try right off is to go into the BIOS and set it to Optimal Defaults. If that doesn't work, try Fail-Safe defaults. Your BIOS may vary these terms, but usually will have something similar.

    You say it works - does it show any warnings or odd messages before Windows starts?

    Get back to me and we'll see what can be found out.
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