Windows task bar will not adjust correctly


My task bar will not adjust size correctly. Either it will show twice as large as it normally does or it will only disappear below the window pane. I just can not get it to adjust to the normal size for my 1024 by 768 pixels window. Anyone know why this is happening? Please help!
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  1. Do you have quick launch icons enabled? Seems to me I ran across this once and the quick launch icons had something to do with it...
  2. Well, first see here:

    Yes, for some people disabeling the quicklaunch works. See here:

    Last you can try, but improbable , is resizing it by Right click desktop>properties.Go to Appearance tab and Advanced. Under Active title bar (the first size) try different sizes. (this setting also changes the taskbar size) :hello:
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Configuration Windows XP