Problems OCing a Q6600 G0 on a MSI P7N SLI MOBO

Recently I tried OCing my Q6600 Kentsfield G0 CPU. The problem is that I SHOULD be able to get at least 3 GHZ easy with an OC. I have only been able to OC from 2.4 GHZ to about 2.6 GHZ. I have tried everything to get it higher. I have even boosted the voltage from 1.325 to 1.4 and changed RAM speed and everything in between. However, with no luck. IDK why this is happening. My dad has a Q6600 (IDK what revision) and he OCed his to 3 ghz with no problem. I am beginning to wonder if it is my MOBO because I read where people were able to boost theirs to 3.6 or higher with my MOBO. It should not be a power issue since I have a 750 watt OCZ PSU (IDK the model) the only other components I have are 4 sticks DDR2 800 MHZ and a 5850. Although I could not OC with a 4850 either. IDK what's up with this. Maybe there is a setting I need to change? IDK. Anyone know anything about this?
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  1. I've got a P7N Diamond ( + C2Q-6600, and have had system lock-ups when trying to set the Clk to 301+mhz; Though, I (still) have to update the BIOS to their latest rev, and hope that will fix it....

    Give this a shot and see if it helps:

    BIOS v2.2 @ Dec 2nd 2009
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