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Im not 100% sure on exactly what to ask... So let me say this, This is my current mobo:
MSI MS-7548

My problem is this. My wife spilled some water onto the computer the other day and i took it all apart and dried everything up. When i hooked it all back up, Everything still works EXCEPT the picture being relayed to the monitor. I even put the factory card back onto the mobo thinking maybe it was the new card, Still no picture. When i hook up the main power strip to the mobo, The 24 pin i believe it is, The pc will start up, it will run, but no picture. Also, When i plug in the 4 pin with the yellow and black wires, (Ground im guessing) The power to the pc shuts off. I unplugged the 24 pin with the 4 pin still atached and the pc will start up and shut down after around 2-4 seconds. Once i UNhooked the 4 pin, It will stay on but it wont do anything. No beeping or nothing. When i first bought the new psu i plugged the 4 pin in and it worked fine for about 7 months. Up until this water incident. SO im thinking its the mobo. My question is, Im looking for a better board to put into this PC. I really dont want to just get another factory board like the one i have because it lacks in a few departments. My only problem is that i dont know enough about mobo's to know which ones will work with my hardware and which ones wont. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

This is my PC: (With a Corsair TX650W psu and a Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 card aftermarket installed)

Edited because i found a better link for my PC. Thanks for any info or help!
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  1. You may lose your windows installation when you install the new board. Your windows installation is hp proprietary, meaning it may only work on an hp motherboard. One option is to buy a cheap micro atx board and vista license. I found a vista 64 business version for $60 recently at Newegg has an ecs GM8100-M3 micro atx board for $59.99 with free shipping and $13 rebate that might work well with your hp case. I used an ecs board in my compaq case, and all the connections fit the board perfectly. You can try installing the board and see if vista will boot up; if it doesn't, time for a new windows license. Don't even ask about getting the same replacement board from hp; it's almost as expensive as a new pc.
  2. Honestly, At this point im not so concerned with my windows installation. I have my HDD hooked up to this PC just so that i can still access my files and all that jive but to be honest, Id much rather have XP than i would vista. My HP was shipped with Vista Home Premium and im really not impressed. lol I would just like to get the best board for the money and not have to buy anything else. I found the exact same board i got from HP on Ebay for less than $100 but like i said, Since its no more (or so i believe) id like to just go ahead and upgrade it now. I just really dont know what boards will work and which ones wont. I know i need one that supports AM2+ and that has at least 1 pci x1 slot for my wireless card. Id like to get as many PCI-E 2.0 slots as i can get cuz id like to run two graphics cards later on, but thats another story. Any help i would definatly appreciate! :)
  3. ECS boards work ok, just have fewer bios adjustments. My personal favorite board is the gigabyte GA-MA785-GM which has a newer chipset and is only $79.99 with free shipping. It might work fine in your hp case.
  4. Ok well at this point ive decided i might just get a new processor and board combo. I think that might be easier as far as finding a good board. I just really hate to buy something for my PC and then have it not worth anything in a year. Im thinking of an i7 core combo but im not sure. I kinda want a EVGA board but i dont think they come as combos and i dont want to pay $800+ for a new processor and board. So now if anyone can find a damn good board and processor combo that WILL work with all the hardware in my PC aside from the processor, I would much appreciate it! :)
    (Link to neweggs mobo+processor combos)

    EDIT: I forgot to add, My limit is about $500ish. Somewhere in that general area, But not above.. lol My wife made that pretty clear.
  5. I recommend one of the new i5 combos if you're willing to buy ddr3. Asrock makes a p55m pro LGA 1156 micro atx board for $99.99 at newegg that should fit your hp case. The 750 i5 cpu is $206.99, and newegg sells crucial ddr3 1 gig sticks for $18.99. 4 of those should be all you need. If you live near microcenter, they have the 750 i5 for only $159.99 (in store special only). If you want to reuse your old ddr2, then newegg has the q8400 Intel quad core for $169.99. For the board, The ecs g43t-m micro atx will fit your case and work with your old memory. It's only $59.99 after rebate.
  6. I dont know what to get really.. Id hate to put alot of money into a new mobo and a processor.. Im thinking of just gettin another board that is the same size of my old one that will be able to run my cpu.
  7. If I read your original message correctly, it sounds like you are connecting and disconnecting the power supply cables with the POWER ON. I certainly hope that's not the case. All inside-the-case connections have to be changed with the power OFF. Too much change of destruction caused by shorts and some other issues. The 24-pin connector (or sometimes 20+4 pins) is the main power for the motherboard. It is always connected. The notch on one side makes it go in only one way. the 4-pin connector with yellow+black wires is the power connection for the CPU chip. IF the board has the socket for that, then it must be connected. Some care must be taken when plugging in as is possible to insert in the wrong direction without using too much force. The shapes of the plastic around the pins is squares and D shapes but they can be forced. There is usually a small clip on the connector and a matching notch or bump on the socket. Please examine carefully as this connector must be used for your PC to operate.
    I suspect you may have put the 4-pin in the wrong way and created a short condition. Hope it did not damage things. By the way I did this myself once so I know it was not that hard. When it did not boot up I found the problem in a couple of minutes. Then it worked again!
    Hope this helps.
  8. well for the record.. this is my psu: i have the 650 watt version..

    Secondly, I have not been unplugging anything while the pc is on.. lol Im still pretty new to alot of the hardware aspects of a PC.. But i do know that just cutting the power from something can cause damage. Now on the other hand, Even with the 4 pin for im guessing the processor plugged in, The pc will start up and run like normal, but i still have no picture. Im guessing there is some kind of on-board video because there is a VGA port on the back that was covered by a plastic cap. I musta skipped that before.. But even when i hook that up, no picture. Old car, No picture, New card, No picture, on-board, No picture. Im thinking maybe the on-board is disabled and it wont allow a picture and im starting to think i might have fried the pci-e slot. Then again, I dont know about that either because the fans on both video cards will still spin so im guessing it has power. Ive resorted to pulling the RAM and the mini "watch" battery off the board and let it sit for a few hours. Maybe it will reset it all and work? I guess ill leave a post later to let everyone know the results. Thanks for the help so far!
  9. Quick update, After all said and done, It still wont give me a picture. I called a local PC shop around here and told the guy what was going on and he told me that if the 4 pin was pulled and the pc ran fine, but when it was plugged in and the pc would auto shut-down after a few seconds, He believes it to be the processor. He asked me if the fan over the heatseak was running and i told him no. The fan would start up with the pc but would shut off after 1 second of the pc starting. He told me to bring the pc by and he would run some tests on the mobo but he thinks the processor is a goner.. =/
  10. Have you tried clearing the CMOS? I'm unsure if you have a jumper for it, but if you'll disconnect power (PSU from the wall), remove the battery and put it back in you should be able to clear the CMOS. If it still doesn't work after that (in the default on-board video output), I would say it's either a motherboard or processor problem. I think a motherboard issue is more likely because it may not be routing power correctly to the processor anymore due to the water issue. You'd really need to try it in a different board to tell.
  11. ECS Boards are junk. go with an ASUS or AMD.
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