Laptop GPU overheating?

i have a 8600m gt on my laptop. using Nvidia system monitor, it says that my GPU is 75 degrees C during normal use (spreadsheet, word processing etc). with coolermaster cooler, it goes down to 65. during gaming of more than 2 hours, the laptop reboots or the games start to sloooow down. my GPU temp goes to the 90's. i know this isn't normal as i read in the forums that people with same GPU, even the overclocked once, go to only 50+ temp during gaming. i wanna know what i can do or if there is anything thati can do. thanks for any help.
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  1. You could make sure your fanspeed is at a decent % if you can change it

    Your best bet would be to open your laptop up and clean out all the dust thats probably inside of it...remove your gpu's heatsink and apply some new thermal should also do that for you cpu since the heat is spread from your gpu to your cpu and vice versa so you will be lowering the core laptop temp all together....
  2. im not sure im capable of opening up my laptop n putting it back. any software i can use to control fans, etc? thanks.
  3. You can clean your notebook cpu by using GAS can type air cleaner such as DUST-OFF. In most cases you don't need to open your notebook. There are OPENNINGS on the side of case to allow air flow to the fan. If it does not fix it read below:

    NVIDIA notebook Packaging Problem:
    8600m is included on the generation of bad laptop gpu's from nvdia last year and early 2007. Its a packaging related defect that really doomed any notebook affected by the issue. The end effect is eventual failure of the gpu on the notebook. Nvidia and notebook makers issued patches that increase the fan speed to MASK THE PROBLEM. That approach basically stretches the life of an affected GPU beyond the 1 year warranty. There is class action lawsuite against nvidia and notebook issues regarding this issue.

    I returned my notebook to HP upon discovering this issue. I got a new one with a newer deneration GPU for notebook.
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