First time Overclocker with a few easy questions

1) I have a i5 760 with stock cooling but a very good cooling fase antec 900 with one additional side panel fan

2) I have read on the forums that overclocking in bios is better than with utilities?

3) if i am at 2.8ghz and i want to do a modest overclock like .2ghz to make it to 3.0ghz what would be the best way to do that

4) i have software to monitor temperature what CPU temp is too hot, plz include both idle and full load.

5) Is it safe to OC on stock cooling? My CPU is around 45 C with few applications *music, a download, and browser* and gets to about 60 if under full load with a game.

6) Can i just use FSB to get me right to 3ghz? or should i do it in smaller increments than .2ghz?

7) * additional info i'm using asus p7p55d-e pro mobo, 8 gb ddr3 1600 ram, 750 w modular power supply XFX
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  1. here :
    1. good
    2. bios best for set oc
    3. increase multiplier / FSB
    4. CPUD + Hw monitor Pro
    5. safe good for PC 60C fullload for AMD Max for intel Cold
    6. nice & ready for OC !
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    1. nice but their are very inexpensive coolers out their that are WAY BETTER than the stock cooler. the cooler your CPU runs the longer it will last. Coolermaster Hyper 212+ is highly recommended. I have personal expierence with that one.

    2. BIOS hands down.....

    3. just bump up the FSB a lil and maybe up the voltage justtt a tad

    4. Speedfan

    5. its safe but i recommend you upgrade your cooling. 70*C under full load (ruining Prim95) is safe for a processor. as well as stress your overclock to see how stable it is. (24hrs without crashing is a stable overclock)

    6. if you want you can step up slowly or go right at it to the 3GHz

    7. woot!! i have the same PSU running my i5-661 @ 4.16GHz 24/7 and have PLENTY of power (even got it to 4.66Ghz just heat was an issue)
  3. kk i put my fsb i think its called fcblck or something in bios from 133mhz to 136, this gave me .06 ghz faster, so would i increase it to 143 to get the OC?
  4. try it & increase Vcore
  5. when you guys tell me to increase somethign, i have no idea as to what is a too little or too much.

    How do you know when you need to add volts or vcore when overclocking? Is it a simple ratio such as 100mhz to .1 volt? or do you just wing it?

    is vcore and voltage the same thing?

    What is QPI link and where does it increase automatically when overclocking or do you adjust that as well.

    Should i be disabling bios energy star features as well as things like auto tune.

    Why do you have to increase ram to O.C. your CPU, i just got my ram to run at the designated 1600 mhz.

    When overclocking do you have to increase volts, multiplier, blck and memory? or is that only necessary on major oc's.

    I read this guide saying 3.6 is very easy and attainable on these processors
    here is the link -
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