Overclocking I5 760 a few easy questions

1) I have a i5 760 with stock cooling but a very good cooling fase antec 900 with one additional side panel fan

2) I have read on the forums that overclocking in bios is better than with utilities?

3) if i am at 2.8ghz and i want to do a modest overclock like .2ghz to make it to 3.0ghz what would be the best way to do that

4) i have software to monitor temperature what CPU temp is too hot, plz include both idle and full load.

5) Is it safe to OC on stock cooling? My CPU is around 45 C with few applications *music, a download, and browser* and gets to about 60 if under full load with a game.

6) Can i just use FSB to get me right to 3ghz? or should i do it in smaller increments than .2ghz?

7) * additional info i'm using asus p7p55d-e pro mobo, 8 gb ddr3 1600 ram, 750 w modular power supply XFX
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  1. 143 bclk, might need to go down 1 multi on your RAM if unstable, try it at the current voltage, if unstable add a LITTLE QPI voltage (1+ increment, maybe 2), you should be fine with vcore, and check for stability with Prime 95 26.3/26.4 I usually do about 9 hours.
  2. 1. Okay
    2. Yes, you are right, overclocking from BIOS is better than with utilities
    3. The best way is to raise the multiplier or FSB
    4. Normal CPU idle is 40-50'C, full load 45-55'C. Do not get it above 65'C
    5. It depend, stock cooler usually only can OCed by a little amount
    6. It depend on multiplier, let say your multiplier is x10. Then you can set FSB to 300MHz, so 10x300=3000MHz=3.0GHz
    7. Okay, that's a good specs. :)
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