E5200 Stock Cooler Louder than Expected

I just finished my new HTPC build last night! E5200, GA-E7AUM-DS2H, 4GB Corsair memory, 1 TB WD Caviar Green, 400W Corsair PSU, Lian Li PC-C37 case.

Unfortunately, I am a little surprised at how loud the E5200 stock cooler is. It produces a very audible hum. When I stop the CPU fan, my 2 case fans and PSU fan are almost completely silent!

On Frosty Tech's site, they list the C2D stock cooler as the 4th quietest cooler in existence, so I'm wondering if mine is out of the ordinary.

Does anyone have any advice on how to make my system quieter? An aftermarket CPU cooler? Undervolting the E5200? Possible passive cooling? I'm on a bit of a budget and am limited in my choices of aftermarket coolers due to the low profile of the PC-C37 case and the proximity of the GPU heatsink on the mobo (it is nearly touching the Intel CPU cooler).

Thanks for the advice!
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  1. The stock cooler should have a 4 pin connector. The board bios should have a fan controller in the bios under hardware monitor. I set all mine at the lowest settings and can't hear the cpu fan.
  2. What is the RPM of stock cooler? If it's running around 2300 then it's operating at maximum capacity.

    ^+1. Did you check the BIOS for CPU fan setting?
  3. Speedfan says the CPU fan is currently moving right along at around 1950 RPM. I'll check out the BIOS when my media is finished transferring over the network. I bet that will do the trick... I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. Hm... not finding a good option. I can turn off "CPU Smart FAN Control" but this makes the CPU fan always run at the highest speed. I don't see any way to manually set the speed in the BIOS. Am I missing something?

    Maybe if I turn of the Smart FAN Control, I can use SpeedFan to adjust the speed...
  5. OK, after playing around for a bit, I found a semi-solution. I turned "CPU Smart FAN Control" back on and set "CPU Smart FAN Mode" to voltage. I then installed Easy Tune 6 from the CD that came with the mobo and this allows me to slow the fan speed.

    After playing around, I now have the CPU fan set at 1075 RPM. At even slightly faster speeds the humming becomes very audible.

    I know this isn't the most elegant solution, so if someone else has another idea that doesn't involve a separate program running in the background, I'm all ears... Thanks for the help guys! Now I just have to see what my CPU temp looks like while playing 1080p...
  6. Check on the Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro. I use two of them for its quiet operation and cooling efficiency.
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