9800GT Fan stuck or broken?


I've been having an issue with my gfx lately. Whenever I start playing graphic intense games, the fan will start to loose speed after a while, and sometime after that my PC will crash. Normally it takes quite long before it happens, but once it happens it will keep happening(even if I just get into Vista) until I switch the PC off for awhile.

If i press hard on the center of the fan and let go, the fan will go back to normal speed for awhile longer. But that only works if its done right after the fan starts losing speed.
As soon as PC crashes out, then not even that helps, and I can't keep an eye on my gfx all the time.

Is something expanding because of the heat, causing the fan to get stuck in its casing?
Or is there possibly something wrong with the motor? Which I really hope not. Because it works fine normally, it only starts to cut back at high temps(and it gets like untouchably hot).
Will using an app like RivaTuner help? (I'm currently at work and need to download it here to take it home)
I've had the card for months now and it never had this problem before.

Any feedback will be great, thanks!

My Specs:

Asus P5Q-D Motherboard
Intel Q6600 Quad Core @ 2.4GHz
Corsair DDR800 RAM - 4GB
Asus Nvidia 9800GT gfx - 512mb
Seagate ATA HDD - 200GB
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    You can buy an aftermarket GPU cooler and replace the fan yourself.
    Keep the original fan in case of warranty problems.
  2. Thanks!
    I was kind of hoping for a way to fix it without replacing something, but I guess it'll probably mess up the warranty if I go and pick at the thing.
  3. Hi,
    this is an old thread but anyway - i decided to post here since somebody might read it,
    and i am having the same exact problem with the same card and if it can't be fixed looks like there'll be a new zalman product in my pc... the only problem is that it will cost the same as i paid 2nd hand for the card... so i was also hoping that there is some way to fix it...
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