Fans go 100% but computer dosent boot?

Hello I couldn't find some where for this so I put it here...

I was trying to install a new motherboard and into a new case but there was a problem and it didnt get done. I tried to get the graphics card out but couldn't. Swapped the CPU and back. Thats about it now I put the old computer back together and the fans go 100% with no output to anthing. The DVD drive works and thats it. I have swapped the PSU before so I don't think I missed any of them. Yes the PSU came out.

Please help.

Tested ram. Can hear HDD. I'm guessing its the graphics card but I don't know how to remove it. This board has onboard grpahics anyway...
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  1. You possibly may have broken something when trying to pull stuff out...
  2. The GFX card dosent have any screws and that is the only thing I could of wrecked while trying to get out but I have no idea how to get it out =[. Can a dead GFX card do this?

    Removed the GFX card same problem.
  3. Try to take the motherboard, ram, video card out of the case and run those three components alone, it should allow you to p.o.s.t at least. If you can't POST still then try it's either your video card or memory, you'll have to get working memory and a working video card to test that theory.
  4. When you removed the graphics card or memory you may have damaged a connector on them or the slot on the mother board
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