CPU temps extremes?!

I need someones Tech brain,
Firstly the cpu, ive properly installed the HSF/thermal compound to the best of my knowledge,
After boot i have very low idle temps even starting from 27C when ambient is 77F and maintaining untill light loads browsing etc and then averaging about 35 between all cores. But when i open EA Crysis I get rising temps up to 69C at that point i shut it off, But temps only drop to 50C once back to idle. whats the problem?
Is my Dynex thermal compound that crappy? (i purchased it in a time of desperation because i had to remove the HSF).

For the info:
MoBo - 780i
CPU - Q9550@2.83Ghz w/Freezer 7 pro HSF
GPU - 2X GTX 280's SLI
Mem - 4gig DDR2
Case - Raidmax Smilodon ATX (ive tested case ventilation etc, case seems to not be the problem)

More info: These temperatures were according to 'core temp'. Also i tried NVMonitor and it recorded temps about 6 degrees higher.
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  1. You may have too much thermal paste. I would start over and remove all old paste off both the cpu and heatsink with either rubbing alcohol or fingernail polish remover. Then apply one drop of paste in the center of the core. Spread with a single edge razor blade evenly, or just install the heatsink on top and it will spread out on it's own.
  2. Yes, well I can do that. i was careful in applying a pea size bit in the middle and spread it around. Although my knowledge of goopy things would imply possible air pockets doing it this way, would it be better to let the HSF spread it itself?
  3. Update,
    I just found my core voltage was at 1.500, Believed it was too high according to others stock voltages, I changed it to 1.200 and the temps instantly dropped 8 to 9 degrees lower.
    I just played EA Crysis again and the temps were at 46 max and averaging
    about 42, its right now 1@39 2@41 3@40 4@35. I did also reseated the HSF and applied new thermal compound according to Intel's instructions. Then after I changed the voltage.

    Although my CPU owners manual does not state what the stock core voltage is, I found on userdefault in nvidia control panel said 1.113 so thats what its at now. Maybe I bumped the setting to 1.500 while changing fan speeds...
  4. yes...you do not spread the paste aroudn when you apply!!!! just a pea size drop and let the heatsink 'press' it in
  5. japps2 said:
    yes...you do not spread the paste aroudn when you apply!!!! just a pea size drop and let the heatsink 'press' it in

    The goal is having the maximum contact with the heatsink... so it's better to spread it out and make it as thin as possible.
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