Does overclock really affect other components?

I hit a nasty FSB wall on my motherboard at 400FSB and I was wondering if this is because something else like the PCI-e frequency.
I have two way SLI, maybe upping the PCI-e frequency from 100 to 110 or something like that, help me pass that FSB Wall ?
Also is rather strange that keeping my ram unlinked at 1.1 ratio is more stable than keeping it on linked at the same ratio. Oh and I have two PCI-e frequencies, one for the first card and another for the second, should I try changing them both to see if I can pass 400FSB ?
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  1. generally when you hit a wall with overclocking its going to be hardware related. in this case either your CPU or your motherboard is reaching its limitations. Also your RAM is like that because when its linked (i THINK) its trying to automatically adjust the settings. overclocking is best when you have everything set manually. I'm a lil rusty so hope someone can chime in with a lil more info :D

    more info on your set up please :D
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