I found out how to enable AHCI on my AMD motherboard, thanks to this forum, but according to most of what Ive read on the net is that an AMD motherboard, even with AHCI enabled, will not support TRIM!! Is this true?
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  1. What AMD mobo do you have?
    Some do most don't.
  2. Thanks for responding. Motherboard is a Gigabyte 785GMT-USB3.
  3. scroll said:
    Thanks for responding. Motherboard is a Gigabyte 785GMT-USB3.

    I don't see anywhere in your mobo manual that confirms that it does. But, you do have tha AM3 cpu socket and ddr3 memory with win7 support, which tells me that there is a good chance it does.
    I recommend that you contact Gigabyte support for confirmation.
    My board is the 890gpa-ud3h with win7 and I do have trim support.
  4. OK, now if I install
    the SSD, how can I check if trim is OK and working?
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    Google how to check trim. There are several links with instructions on how to do it. You have to go into your command window. Pretty simple!
    Here is a link I just found
    Good luck
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  7. Link shows how to tell if trim is ENABLE - Not that it is working (That is infact passed to SSD and acted upon).

    From what I've seen the only real way to tell if it is working is to write a large number of files, Pratically fill it up, run a benchmark (should see lower performance), delete files , empty recycle bin, wait 10/15 min and rerun bench mark, performance should be back up to par. One problem is if trim is enabled, but not working you now have a SSD that the performance is lower - Note some of the Newer SSDs have a fair to good internal garbage collector.
  8. I guess one could refer to your post as, "the awful truth".
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