Very interesting problem

Hi aLL,

I have a very strange problem with a computer of my friend...
Nothing is displayed on his monitor when he starts the computer, no signal.

I took his video card and puted it in my computer and it is working. (so, the video card is ok).

I took my video card and put in his pci express slot and.... is it working !!...

So i can say that video card and pci express slot are ok...

But which is the problem then?

His video card is GeForce 6200SE ASUS.

I have reseted the BIOS but the same problem occurs...

Please give me a clue of what;s going on overhere :(
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  1. Put you card into his computer and load the drivers for the 6200SE so you can make sure the installation is complete then power down drop his card in and see if it works.
  2. I second toledo.
  3. I agree but if that doesn't work

    Did he just get it?

    If he did, maybe it is a power supply issue which I doubt but what is his power supply?
  4. HUmmm a 6200 dont have a PCI6 connector ( or a molex since its a 6200 ). I doubt its the PSU.

    Try the toledo option.
  5. A vga card should at least work in basic mode without any driver support.

    What is your video card? Is it the same?

    What mobo do you each have?

    Here is a theory:

    Is it possible that his motherboard requires a psu connection for added power for the pci-e slots?

    Your mobo could be powered correctly which is why both cards work in your mobo, and his could be underpowered so if his card required more power, it would fail in his board while yours worked.
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