Debating on what I should do.

I have my

Case: Centurion 590

Motherboar: Biostar Tpower P45

Memory: OCZ Reapers Copper railed 2x2gb 1066 + EPC <--they dont have them anymore.

HDD: 500gb - exchanging for the 640 gb black wd.

PSU : 800w kingwin - multiple rails - good enough. 4 12v 19a 19a 20a 22a.

Graphics : HD3870 and a spare HD3870.

CPU: E8500 - Keeper No exchange.

Cooler: S1283 (no bracket, didn't know there was such thing when i bought it back almost a year ago).

and i got extra thermal compound.

Planning on Upgrading the Case for sure.

Memory don't know.

My main problem is, i've gotten a couple hardware malfunction blue screens to where it says to cally your computer maintenance or some crap.


Also the Regular blue screen and restarts have occured. Now, when i downgraded my OC due to the old biostar P45 dieing on me. I got alot of blue screens, i then up'd the OC to 3.6ghz and i dont get them as much but, they do come from time to time.

My temp idle's on the board at 25c-30c.

So im good there.

im thinking on changing the Motherboard due to bad quality on the brand.

Changing Memory for more stable ram(mabye)

HDD is a defenant change. Seagate can suck it.

Case, the centurion 590 isn't such a good case due to packing everything in there and not able to use most the vents for fans.

Possible Graphic upgrade on the graphics.

I've ran a couple memory tests to see if the ram is causing the shutdowns but, no problems with them.

Budget is in the $300-$400 range.
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  1. You may not be happy with your case but you can be pretty sure it's not involved with your blue screening. Save that for upgrading last - after you've fixed your system stability and you know how much is left in your budget.

    Does your system blue screen even while idle?
    Can you test with your CPU @ 3.16Ghz and your RAM at 667 and 1.8~1.9V?
    Was system more stable when you did stress testing at CPU & RAM stock speeds and voltages?

    You can get known good OC'ing 1.8V ttp:// for testing. 1 stick is good - you don't need to test in dual channel mode.

    There could also be operating system or software issues. Have you tried stress testing your system in Safe Mode?
    Have you tried a clean OS install? Easiest to do with that new HDD you want.

    Get the HDD and RAM now. For relatively low cost you can rule those out as the blue screen cause.

    With the HDD w/ clean OS install and RAM replaced PSU/GPU/MB/CPU/ are most likely to be involved if blue screening continues.
    I know you don't suspect the CPU or PSU but I don't think you can rule them out either.
    What items can you borrow (known good parts) for testing from family or friends? Even low end parts are useful.
  2. My uncle has a Q6600 build he can switch things out and test them.

    He has everything to compare with my build in different brands just, the 4870 over my gpu.

    I am running the ram im sure on auto. I will be home in the next 25 minutes, ill be able to do everything as for BIOS then.

    As for stress testing, i did over hours of that when i first got the build, back august-september 08.

    OC'd the first board to 3.8ghz stress tested, didnt go over 56c.

    OC'd again to 4.2ghz failure, lowered it back down.

    Waited a while, tried again, board died.

    Got a new board, works still to this point. Haven't messed with voltages on RAM at all, just fsb and the usuals to OC to 3.6 as it stands right now.
  3. You can hold off buying anything. Looks like you have a good options for troubleshooting/testing.

    I'd do more long interval stress testing at stock FSB 333Mhz and RAM set in BIOS to 1.8~1.9V and DDR2 667 as the first step in troubleshooting.
  4. Alright. Will do, now doing this, lowering my 1066mhz down to 667, performance wise..CL will raise?
  5. Here's where my Voltages are set at:

    CPU Voltage : + 0.025
    DDR2 Voltage : + 0.250
    Chipset Voltage : + 0.075
    FSB Voltage : + 0.075
    CPU Core1 : 0.63*VTT
    CPU Core2 : 0.67*VTT
    CPU PLL: 1.5v

    Underneath that is what they are running at:

    CPU Voltage: 1.176
    NB/SB Voltage: 1.160
    DDR2 Voltage: 2.144
    FSB Voltage: 1.176

    Lowered my FSB to 333mhz

    My ratio is sitting at x8.5multiplier

    NB latch is on Auto

    DDR2 Enhance mode is on Auto.

    CL = 5-5-5-15.
  6. fullmetall said:
    Here's where my Voltages are set at:
    DDR2 Voltage : + 0.250
    DDR2 Voltage: 2.144
    Lets take this down to 1.9 or lower if you can. You'll have to go off Auto.
    Your CAS Latency could actually go down to 4s - but stay with 5-5-5-15 for now.
  7. How low should it be set? its running at 0.250.. When you say go off auto, do you mean turn it on or turn auto off some where.
  8. Its running at PLUS +0.250V... not just 0.250V
    Manually set your voltages = Off Auto
    Dont drop all at once - test +0.20V first, then +0.15V, etc.
  9. Alright, i ran it at +0.20v then it went down to 2.086

    Running it now at +1.50v and im down to the low's

    putting it at a +1.00v would run it at around 1.980
  10. Just as I was typing a message on here my computer went out on me and blue screen'd:

    Hardware Malfunction

    Please call your hardware Manufacturer

    System has halted due to failure.

    Got that last night to.

    So far 2 blue screens today and the other one was dump caching to 100 then restarting.
  11. Do you get the blue screens when everything is running at stock? If not, I'd just live with it becaues spending money just to get your OC stable will give a very low return on price/performance difference.
  12. It's getting very annoying now, it happens on a daily baises of blue screens or hardware malfunctions.

    I put every thing at stock, lowered the ddr2 to 800mhz instead of 667.

    put the bus at 333, multiplier sits on 8.5


    When i run CPU-Z it shows only 6.0 multiplier and 2.ghz, guessing because im not doing any kind of multi-tasking or gaming when i see that or prime 95.

    under prime it ran for an hr, then i turned it off, no warnings or problems. 10 minutes later after i did that, i was typing and it malfunctioned again yesterday. But, I also played an hr of COD4 lastnight and nothing happened.. no skips or anything on all high settings.
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