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So heres the age old question, and yes I have already googled it. What heat sink and or fan combo will be best for the q6600 go at say 3.6ghz keeping temps at 60 max for vcore? cheap is good but, results are priceless.I have been thinking of theses. ( q6600 is lapped )

ocz vendetta 2

xigmatek 120 rifle

(any other suggestions or if you are at 3.6 what cooler do you have.) I don't know much when it comes to cpu cooler but I read the cfm - air flow the higher the better & and i found one called KINGWIN XT-1264 .....? )

mother board and psu are rma right now but I want to order a hs soon for my build 2 weeks from now.

thank you for your time and input on this matter.
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  1. I have a Q6600 @3.4GHz using a Zalman 9770. It's right on it's limit at this OC in my opinion, if not a little over it. I would suggest getting liquid cooling for a 3.6GHz OC on a Q6600, you might find it difficult to achieve 3.6 on air.

    In respect to your question, I wouldn't suggest the Zalman for an OC that big (I know you weren't specifically looking at a Zalman but just in case)
  2. I was running my Q6600 at 3.6 GHz. on air. Used a ThermalRight Ultra 120 Extreme combined with a Scythe S-Flex SFF21-F fan in an Antec 900 case - fans set on LOW. Core voltage was 1.425 volts drooping to 1.40 volts. Load temps were 61 C to 66 C. Prime95 stable for 24 hours.
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  3. a lapped 120 should do the trick for you otherwise the ocz vendetta 2 is a very good option. i use it but 3.6 will be a bit togh i guess
  4. well 3.4 would be fine i think im pushing it at 3.6 I just want to make sure 2 or even 1 gtx 285 wont bottleneck the cpu
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