4890 Weird noise at 1-25% fan speed

with my xfx 4890 at 1-25% fan speed it makes this weird clicking/sputtering type noise but once its at 26% or higher it stops.. should i be worried about anything.
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  1. well everyone knows i like ATI but i cant play crysis with my 4890, i have done a clean install, done all the updates, DX, SP1 and SP2, the funny thing is i never had any problems with my 3850, i am seriously considering returning the card, can any one give me some pointers B4 i return the card
  2. ps sorry for hijacking ur thread
  3. Define can't run? Crash in gameplay or can't load it up.

    I can play crysis fine on my crossfire setup with the 4890's. Hell of a lot more stable than my old 4870s.. I just finished 12 loops at enthusiast 1900*1200 4AA on ambush and my OC seems stable so far :) (I'll burn out another 12 or so when i get home from work)

    At any rate, I can't be sure why you cant play crysis Rangers.. I do from time to time get a bug where the map loading freezes at 90%. Though that is a 64bit bug I think.. Securom has destroyed my 32bit (legit over steam) version.. so I have to use 64 (not that i wouldn't normally, still hate securom)

    As for noise. During Folding I get some harmonic distortion. But that is a hum, not a clicking.

    Check to see the fan is not hitting anything. If it is annoying return the card (xfx has the most amazing warranty and thsiwont be a problem). It shouldn't be worrysome if it is tollerable, is just an annoyance thing. You can always set the fan to 30% all the time :)

    By the way I also have an XFX card (two of them)
  4. it runs and some times it crashes. and sometimes it stops at the loading screen @82%
  5. Power Supply?
  6. my psu is a 750w pc power

    should i be worry if this only happens at low rpms basically 1-25-26% fan speed
  7. Hey, I have exactly the same problem. But I have a Sapphire 4890.

    Sounds like the fan bearing is going and it seems to be getting worse.
    It used to be between 1 - 25 % now I have to go to 45 to get the noise to stop. I'm using the ATI Overdrive panel to play with the fan speeds by % .

    The sad thing is this card is only 4 weeks only and it did start making the noise until a week and a half ago .
    The store i bought it from only has a 15 day over the counter exchange.

    I put a help ticket into Sapphire on the weekend, but I'm not sure how long they take. They will probably just RMA it.. then I'll have to wait..
    My power supply has plenty of juice as well so it's not that. :D
  8. should i rma if it goes above 26-27% ?
  9. @ balthalzar: Return it. If the fan is faulty it could jam without warning which will destroy the card and could damage the rest of your system.
  10. is there anyway to fix it? like idk what its rubbing on but the fan at 1-25% makes the noise but at 26 it stops but its not like its droned out it actually stops
  11. You could just replace the cooler. Not sure which would fit on it though. If it did fail and overheat, that would be a pretty solid reason to RMA it (as long as you didn't fiddle with the cooler, that often voids the warranty. So it is best to either RMA now or wait for it to get worse and RMA then).
  12. what if it doesnt get worse? XFX is lifetime warranty so
  13. I have exact the same problem, also shaphire card. They agreed to RMA it but it will take 3 weeks before I get it back.

    Has anyone solved this by replacing the fan?
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