Problem with DP45SG?

Hi friends,
When i switch on my system, i am getting a long beep, then a short beep (after 1-2 restarts by itself) and nothing happens after that. After 8-10 attempts, it will boot successfully. I've updated my bios with the latest version. Please find below my config.

Processor: Q9400
Board: DP45SG
RAM: 2 X 2 GB OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 Gold Edition
Graphics: Sapphire 4890 1GB Vapour-X
Power: Cooler Master 600W
Display: Samsung 2233SW

I've checked my graphics card in my friend's system and its working fine. Once i get into my OS, everything is working smoothly. Kindly give me some assistance. Thanks in advance.
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  1. You mentioned the number of beeps. I would check the online users manual for your motherboard to find out what that particular beep sequence/number of beeps means. That may help pin point the issue immedeatly. If you're not sure or the description given is vauge follow the steps below...

    1. If your video card is working in a different system you can rule that out and leave it installed.
    2. If you have any additional cards installed like a TV tuner or sound card installed in any other devices installed in PCI or AMR slots remove them and try turning it on again with ONLY your video card installed.
    If #2 doesn't point out the cause continue.

    3. Unplug all IDE and SATA drives from the motherboard
    If #3 doesn't point out the cause continue.

    4. Make sure your motherboard power connectors are secure. (I suggest you disconnect and reconnect them). Also pop out and re-install the memory.
    If #4 doesn't point out the cause continue.

    5. Take out one of the sticks of memory and leave one in.
    If #5 doesn't point out the cause continue.

    6. Take out the memory stick that is in and install the one that you took out.
    If #6 doesn't point out the cause your pretty much at the end...

    At this point it is caused by one of the following.
    1. Bad motherboard
    2. Bad CPU
    3. Bad Power supply

    If you have a spare power supply I would give that a try first. If you have a spare motherboard or CPU you can swap them if you are comfortable with doing such things.

    I hope this helps. Remember the beeping is your biggest clue to the cause so look that up in your motherboard owners manual first!
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