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Hello, i want to ask a simple question, i have a Gigabyte GA 965P DS3 with max FSB 1066 Mhz. My proc. Core 2 duo E6300 with FSB 1066 Mhz too...
My question, my current installed memory is DDR 2 PC5300, is it right?? I'm running on dual channel each has the same tipe of memory...
Why i can't use another memory such as PC6400??
I'm still confused about it.
Anybody please explain to me.
Thx for your attention.
thank u so much...
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  1. You can use PC6400, it is just that it would all run at PC5300. Just make sure to set manually the speed to 667MHz, and maybe you'd need to up the NB voltage (maybe, not definitely)
  2. wa1, does that answer the question you had? When you add faster RAM to existing slower RAM, it will step-down and run at the slower speed.

    If instead, you want to replace your 5300 RAM, then the new RAM will run at the max spec it has, assuming the motherboard supports it. I haven't reviewed your MB specs, does it say it'll use the faster modules?
  3. ok, i get it now, thx a lot guys....
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