Upgrading Graphics card on Dell Optiplex GX400

I just got a used computer. It is listed in the heading. Runs great. I want to upgrade the graphics card to play online games like WOW. I have a ATI graphics card, VisonTek X3100. Put it in and installed the disk for it. And it just sat there. Did nothing. It didn't install the disk or nothing. Took it out and put in the original graphics card.
Any suggestions??
I want to play.
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  1. Don't expect much at all from the system...you have the lowest of cpus and your motherboard will only support AGP....booooo



    It really is just a huge pos :??:
  2. I got the exact same computer for $12.50 at a university sell off. My computer has been horrible for games. A Nintendo 64 gaming console actually performs better. I determined that it's not worth upgrading it, except putting in another hard drive. Also the RAM on this is really expensive to upgrade. I needed solutions for my RAM and my gaming. I HAD to have some kind of solution.

    I found this:

    and this:

    I have run both programs daily, using WinXP, for about 6 months without ANY problems.

    This should help you enjoy your computer much more.
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