Why laptop is forcely shutdown during installation of windows xp

sir, i have hP pavillion dv6000. on my laptop i am tiring to installing windows xp dut while installation my laptop automatically gets restart or shut down please help me to solve this problem as quickly as possible?
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  1. The Dv6000 is a older model my bet is that its over heating and the thermal compound is all shagged. Check all your fans to see if there is dust blocking it ect, if so look at getting it serviced.
  2. Those HP models are pretty well known for having issues, usually the video on it fails, but other things can easily go bad.

    You may want to do a hard-drive scan for errors also just to meke sure it's not just the drive. Maybe an option in the BIOS or you can check HP support for a utility CD you can make. If the drive tests as bad, it's much cheaper to replace that than the motherboard.
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