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I recently bought an Antec 300 case which comes with 2 exhaust fans. I also bought 2 additional 120mm fans to try out, both Scythe Fluid Dynamic Bearing 1200 and 1600 RPM fans. When I turn them on without having them installed they are literally whisper quiet. As soon as I add them to the mesh front plate of my case however they sound like a jet engine. When I move my OEM 1200 RPM Antec fan to the front of the case, it is whisper quiet again.

I know these Scythe fans are supposed to be great, but they simply don't work well with my system. Is it the fluid bearing that is the problem? What should i be looking for in my next fan? I'd like to get something around 1200 RPM because even my Antec fan sounds a bit noisy once i change the setting to 1600rpm. Please help!
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  1. Shouldn't be loud if you are intaking air through the front... did you try keeping the fan close to the front mesh plate without installing it in the case??? If its not loud then the fans may not be fixed to the case properly resulting in vibration and added wind noise... And run them at 1200 rpm or lower (use speedfan or fan controller)... 1600 will be loud...

    The scythe's are good ones... no need to replace them since imo its not the fan problem...
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