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I want to connect 2 monitors to my computer, I found out that there're several ways to do that. So my question is , if is possible to connect the 2nd monitor 250 meters apart from the PC?

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  1. Hello, it's possible, but there's a few drawbacks to that.

    1. you will need a really really long VGA cable, and that cable is hella expensive.
    2. at 100' length there's such thing as signal strength loss that comes into play, I don't know what the loss on the VGA cable is, but I would expect the signal quality to diminish at 250' length
    3. you might have latency issues, although I don't expect them to be significant.

    all that said, notice I've used feet. In meters it'll be even worse, since 250m = 820'

    You'll need an expert on a subject or an electrical engineer. I know, even CAT9 cable is run only about 300 feet at a time.

    So, I'm sure can hard wire the monitor with video cables. Other than that, perhaps an option would be something like wifi TV or similar where you can hook up the monitor to a network interface and have your computer output to that monitor over the network.

    Maybe there's other options, but I'm not familiar with that field
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