Case fans hooked directly to PSU?

After searching this forum and not finding anything that answers my question directly, I thought I'd ask about my specific question. I hope it's not too basic.

My front case fans are 2 80mm coolermasters. Each one ends in a male and female 4 pin molex connector instead of the small 3 pin fan connector for the motherboard. Can I hook these fans directly to the PSU? The decorative LEDs on the front of the case also end in the same molex M&F header. Can I daisy chain all these together and use just one PSU connector?

I'm somewhat of a n00b, so please be gentle.
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  1. yes .

    direct to molex from the psu
  2. Ya you can do that.
    I am also using My 2 80mm fans thru 4 pin connectors of the psu and they are running fine.
    No harm in it.
  3. Antec 900 (and I guess 902 and 1200) are designed that way. The only thing you lose is the ability of the motherboard to control and monitor the fans.
  4. And I can hook them together and just use one molex from the PSU?
  5. Yes you can use them "Daisy chanied" together - case fans dont put a huge drain on a PSU.

    The biggest advantage of using the fan headers on a mobo is purely so that the mobo can control the fan speed. If you wanted to you could buy molex - 3 pin adapters to run them this way.
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